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"This was a wonderful way of connecting all the content we learned in the classroom to a live, sensory experience."

–4th Grade Teacher Southport Elementary

Mission San Luis brings history to life! Our programs encourage critical thinking and emphasize learning by doing hands-on and interactive activities. All programs correlate with Sunshine State Standards and are designed to enhance skills assessed by the FCAT. An Educator’s Guide, lesson plans, and other grade specific educational resources designed to enhance and enrich your visit to Mission San Luis are available by clicking "Resources for Teachers" on the left.

Highlights Tour1 Hour
If you have only a short time to visit, this guided tour will lead your students through a selection of the interpretive areas and touch on the important themes of the site.

Class TourInterior of Council House

Focus Tour1-2 Hours
With a focus on hands-on learning and a selected theme, students will learn tasks and crafts that were part of daily life for the Apalachee and Spanish residents of the mission. This program is offered for groups of 10-15 students. Focus tours are available during afternoon hours throughout the year. Please be prepared with a theme that your group will would like to focus on (i.e. clothing, foodways, culture, etc.) Please reserve your tour early due to limited availability.

Class Exiting Council HouseInside the Spanish House

Encounter Tour2-3 Hours
This longer tour time offers an opportunity to visit all of the interpretive areas and engage with living history interpreters to learn about life at the mission. This tour also includes a stop at the Visitor Center to view artifacts found during archaeological excavations at the site.

Please contact Mission San Luis staff at 850.245.6406 or email us at programs@missionsanluis.org to book programs or receive more information. We advise that you book your tours early, especially for the spring. Picnic tables are available near the Visitor Center for your use at no additional cost. We also invite you to visit El Mercado: The Shop at Mission San Luis, where we have reasonably priced souvenirs and other merchandise for purchase. Please note that tour times do not include a stop at El Mercado. Please allow an additional 20-30 minutes for every 20 visitors to El Mercado.

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards:

Grade 3:
Social Studies:
  • SS.3.E.1.1: Give examples of how scarcity results in trade
  • SS.3.E.1.3: Recognize that buyers and sellers interact to exchange goods and services through the use of trade or money.
  • SS.3.G.4.2: Identify the cultures that have settled the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
Reading/Language Arts:
  • LA. The student will use new vocabulary that is introduced and taught directly.
Grade 4:
Social Studies
  • SS.4.A.3.1: Identify explorers who came to Florida and the motivations for their expeditions.
  • SS.4.A.3.2: Describe causes and effects of European colonization on the Native American tribes of Florida.
  • SS.4.A.3.4: Explain the purpose of and daily life on missions (San Luis de Talimali in present-day Tallahassee).
  • SS.4.A.3.6: Identify the effects of Spanish rule in Florida. SS.4.A.3.7: Identify nations (Spain, France, and England) that controlled Florida before it became a United States territory.
Reading/Language Arts:
  • LA. The student will use new vocabulary that is introduced and taught directly.
  • LA. The student will listen attentively to speakers and takes notes as needed to ensure accuracy of information.
  • LA. The student will ask questions of speaker, using appropriate tone and eye contact.
Grade 5:
Social Studies
  • SS.5.A.3.1: Describe technological developments that shaped European exploration.
  • SS.5.A.3.2: Investigate (nationality, sponsoring country, motives, dates and routes of travel, accomplishments) the European explorers.
  • SS.5.A.3.3: Describe interactions among Native Americans, Africans, English, French, Dutch, and Spanish for control of North America.
  • SS.5.A.4.1: Identify the economic, political and socio-cultural motivation for colonial settlement.
Reading/Language Arts:
  • LA. The student will use new vocabulary that is introduced and taught directly.
Grade 3-5:
Foreign Languages
  • FL.D.2.2: The student recognizes that cultures have different patterns of interaction and applies this knowledge to his or her own culture.