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Apalachee Province — Mission San Luis Timeline


  • 1607 - Some Apalachees ask for friars; the first visit the following year
  • 1612 - Spaniards reject Apalachees' request for a permanent mission.
  • 1625 - Apalachees begin to send food supplies overland to St. Augustine.
  • 1633 - Two friars establish first permanent missions in Apalachee.
  • 1638 - First Spanish soldiers arrive in Apalachee.
  • 1640s - Missions in Apalachee expand dramatically; brisk trade with Havana begins.
  • 1645 - First deputy governor assigned to Apalachee.
  • 1647 - First mention of San Luis mission by name (although it is likely one of the first missions established in 1633); uprising by some Apalachees.
  • 1651 - Soldiers and deputy governor withdrawn at friars' request.
  • 1654 - English ship at St. Marks used as pretext to return soldiers to Apalachee.
  • 1656 - San Luis moves to its present site; Apalachees help quell Timucua revolt.
  • 1657 - Governor Rebolledo conducts visitation of Apalachee's 10 missions and 25 satellite villages; garrison expands.
  • 1674 - Presence of non-Apalachee tribes revealed at San Luis.
  • 1675 - Permanent settlement of Spanish families had begun; garrison expanded; Bishop Calderón makes a formal visit; the name "San Luis de Talimali" first appears and "Jinayca" disappears; San Luis revealed to be the most populous mission with 1400 Apalachees.
  • 1676 - Fray Juan de Paiva composes ballgame manuscript at San Luis.
  • 1681 - Beginning of deteriorating relations with Apalachicola neighbors as Governor Juan Marques Cabrera tries to impose a mission on them.
  • 1685 - Governor Marques Cabrera's imposition of a brutal deputy governor, Antonio Matheos, strains relations with Apalachees.
  • 1687 - Relations improve when Governor Marques Cabrera deserts his post and Antonio Matheos is removed.
  • 1688 - Governor Diego de Quiroga y Losada plans an elaborate new blockhouse at San Luis, but attention is turned to the Chattahoochee River instead.
  • 1689 - Apalachee carpenters build a fort near Columbus, Georgia to thwart English traders on the Chattahoochee River.
  • 1691 - Spanish and Apalachee forces destroy the new Chattahoochee fort and withdraw to San Luis.
  • 1695 - Work begins on the new blockhouse at San Luis which was almost completed by the early spring of 1696.
  • 1698 - San Luis Apalachees seriously alienated when Spaniards commandeer some of their houses and land; Spaniards also take lumber intended for church repairs and force Indians to build houses for them.