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49-1 74-38-155, 74-38-46, 74-38-159, 6833 (3), No FS# Smith, 1640 FS#: Case bottle  
49-2 75-56-15 FS#: Aqua glass vial rim  
49-3 1666 FS#: Lavender glass  



Other than glass beads, seventeenth-century materials made from glass are relatively rare at Mission San Luis. The most common glass objects recovered are green bottles, although fragments of vials and decorative elements in various colors have also been found. Two of the most interesting glass artifacts from the site are a reliquary cover and an eyeglass lens.

Once they were introduced to glass, the Apalachees learned that it shared some important properties with chert. They eventually manufactured some projectile points from glass since it was easy to flake and held a sharp edge.

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